Update on Lynx Reiki

Source: Image by André Santana AndreMS from Pixabay

Hello all, I’m back after a long break from social media posting. I’m writing this post to let you know why, and what I’ve been going through. At the end of December I got covid. Our whole house did, but only a couple of us had the worst symptoms. I was one of them. Healing from the symptoms of covid wasn’t fun or pretty. To make a long story short, it took me a three weeks before I started feeling human again. That’s when I realized it was time to re-evaluate what my priorities are.

I confess to feeling a relief from the pressure of posting. I debated whether or not to stop all social media posting. I debated if I should remove some of my channels. In the end I decided to post less but post more authentically. Sometimes I was posting just to have a post up. All the social media marketing analytics will say you’ve got to post at least once a day. For those who do this, I’m not sure how they come up with the time to do so. Kudos to you if you’re able to do that and have balance in the other areas of your life. Right now I’ve got my corporate day job and Lynx Reiki is my side hustle. Then there’s all the other stuff I want to fit into my life. Time with my husband, our cat, my family, and friends. Time for meditation, reiki, making art, singing, photography nature hikes, going to the movies and other fun stuff.

After recovering from covid in mid-January I experienced some skin rashes as a result of trying some new products. Some of you may know I used to be an eco-beauty blogger (Elegantly Eco). I’ve always loved trying new eco-friendly products. As I’ve gotten older my skin has become more reactive. I woke up one day with my eyelids so swollen and red that I got scared. It’s really strange to look at yourself in the mirror and wonder when you’ll start to look normal again. I felt really self-conscious. I couldn’t hide the skin reactions with makeup. So I set about healing my skin the natural way. What I found healing for my skin was to simplify. Instead of the body cream I was using I went back to using pure shea butter and castor oil for the rashes. I went back to using the hair conditioner I was using before the rashes. I went back to the makeup I was using before the rashes. My skin is slowly healing now. Today is the first day of only mild redness, itchiness, and flakiness.    

I’m not writing this to get any sympathy. I just wanted to share what’s been going on for me since December 2021. I know that if I followed someone on social media and they suddenly disappeared I’d want to know why. I’m a curious and perhaps nosy person.  My first reaction to someone disappearing on social media would be: I hope they’re okay. So this post is for all the curious people out there. Smile I’m okay. I’m healing. Now I’m committed to being more authentic with you and posting less rather than posting for the sake of posting.

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