The Chakra System


I’m dedicating Monday posts to energy healing. I thought starting with the chakra system would be a good idea, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the chakras.

First of all, what is a chakra? Chakras are energy centers within the body that are connected to specific organs and nerve bundles. If you have stagnation in any of your chakras you might experience some physical or emotional symptoms related to that chakra. Our bodies have physical and energetic components that work together.  Without both the body isn’t in balance.

Energy flows through our body through channels (also called meridians). Think of the energy channels as your energetic veins. Like blood flows through your body, energy must also flow through your body. Chakras are the gathering points for those channels. Chakras are also said to be associated with areas of your life. This can be explained by how we connect certain feelings to organs or areas of our body. The common phrase: “I knew it in my gut” is an example. Does our gut really know things? I could totally go off on a tangent about this topic. But let me stop here before I get off track as we’ll be breaking down the exact meanings of each chakra in upcoming posts.

Chakras can be balanced, overactive or underactive. In each case general behaviours can be seen depending on what state the chakra is in. As always there are exceptions to this because each person is unique. More details coming as we talk about each of the chakras.  If you have any questions please email me or contact me through my social media channels.

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