Spiritually Inspired Art

It is my mission to bring to you a unique piece of art that brings joy and happiness to your life. You can choose from already crafted artworks or request a custom art piece. My custom art will commemorate the most important milestones in your life such as: marriage, graduation, birthdays, memorials, anniversaries, or just because you want to express your feelings to someone.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is an experience that is different for everyone. But the most common reactions people have to reiki are the feelings of being soothed, nurtured, re-energized, and uplifted. Animals can show that they like reiki by relaxing during the treatment, falling asleep, nudging or even licking the person channeling reiki. Most animals will move away when they have had enough.

Sound Healing

Music is a great healer and help release emotions when they get to be too much. If you’re the type of person who loves music or singing then sound healing is another modality that can support you in your spiritual journey. The act of breathing while singing or playing an instrument can be therapeutic.


Sometimes we just need to talk to someone who isn’t in our immediate circle. As your trusted advisor I can be your ear and your guide to self-discovery.  Let’s explore and open up ideas or ways of thinking you might not have considered.

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