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Continuing the discussion on the four clairs, today we are focusing on clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is clear seeing or clear sight. Clairvoyance has been depicted in many tv shows and movies. In Sixth Sense (movie) the main character is a little boy who can see the spirits of those who’ve already passed. In the Ghost Whisperer (tv show) Jennifer Love Hewitt played a psychic that could see and hear spirits. As you can guess clairvoyance is the ability to see visions, energy, spirits, and auras (with your physical eyes or inner sight). Most mediums and psychics have clairvoyance. Some may even see visions of the past or probable future. Visions of the past can come from your current life or previous lives (if you believe in reincarnation). Visions of the probable future are tricky because only if certain choices and circumstances happen does the vision stay accurate. Life is unpredictable so the odds of things happening exactly as it does in a vision are rare to almost none. Some people believe that certain things are fated and that is called a prophetic vision (or dream). In religion the definition of a prophetic vision is very different. Please note that in my blog posts I am speaking in spiritual terms, not religious terms. I believe that you can have your religious beliefs and still practice things like psychic and spiritual development.

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We are usually born with some or all of the four clairs, but because it’s discouraged we often don’t practice it and lose that skill. Here are some ways to build up your clairvoyance muscle. Before you begin any of these practices make sure your mind and body are clear and centered. Ask that you be helped, guided and protected. Set an intention for your practice. Finally, find a space that is calm and where you won’t be interrupted.

  • Practice visualization
    Usually clairvoyants see things using inner sight. Inner sight is seeing the images, visions, or symbols in your head. These visions can be received through the third eye chakra, though sometimes they may just pop into your head as well. See my post on the third eye chakra for tips to balance that chakra. Spend some time visualizing images, pictures and scenes. If you’re a beginner, start with visualizing numbers, or colours.  If you’re more advanced you can even try visualizing a friend, family member, even your animal and combine that with getting a message across (clairaudience). Being able to visualize anything in your head will help you develop and build your clairvoyance.
  • Practice seeing auras
    Here’s a way to practice your physical clairvoyance, which is seeing with your physical eyes instead of your inner sight. You can do this with a partner or you can also practice with a plant. It can be easier to start with a plant as they won’t move about like people do. Smile

    • With a plant
      Place the plant against a white wall or background. Focus your vision on the wall and stare at the same spot for 30-60 seconds. Don’t stop blinking by the way, but don’t shift your gaze. It may take some practice before you start to see colours. You first may see an outline around the plant, like a heat shimmer. Don’t be discouraged and keep trying.
    • With a person
      The process is very similar as practicing with a plant. Ask your partner to stand against a white wall or background. Focus your vision on the wall and stare at the same spot for 30-60 seconds while still blinking. Notice any shapes you see around the person, or any colours. When you have mastered being about to see the person’s aura ask them to move around and see if you can still see their aura.
  • Play a memory game
    Have you ever tried laying a deck of cards on a table & tried matching up the cards? As a beginner, lay the deck of cards on the table and then flip them over one at a time. Try to remember, visualize or even sense where the matching card is. For those who are more advanced, hold your hand above the cards and try to visualize or sense where the matching cards are without turning any of them over.
  • Remote viewing
    This one is more advanced, but some are able to do this right away. Have a friend place some of their personal items on a table in front of them while you are in a different location. Close your eyes if it helps you to focus better. Then you will try to identify the items on the table. What colour is it? What shape is it? What is its function? You might start with only one item when you first do this. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not accurate when you first start practicing. You will learn how to separate what your mind is putting in and what you are truly seeing remotely. This is all part of the process. Make sure you keep notes on your progress. You can write, say aloud, or even draw what you are seeing remotely. When you’re ready to stop, close your eyes and review your impressions of the exercise.

Practicing any of the psychic skills can be intimidating if you previously had negative connotations to clairvoyance or any psychic skills. Unfortunately there are a lot of sham psychics and clairvoyants out there. One of the most popular stereotypes of a clairvoyant are the fortune tellers at the amusement parks of carnivals. So sometimes the four clairs can seem like a figment of imagination. However there are true psychics and clairvoyants. How to tell who is authentic? Most people can usually tell if they are being lied to. Go with your gut and common sense. If you doubt that you can be objective ask a friend to come with you who has more experience in the spiritual studies or someone whose gut you trust. Most importantly, if you are going for a psychic reading, it helps to not be attached to a certain outcome. Psychic readings are usually unpredictable. I had a reading with one lady which was an animal communication reading and some of my loved ones who had passed also came through. Very unexpected.

Practicing your psychic skills is an interesting journey which doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient. You may find as you practice the four clairs that some of them will come more naturally and quickly to you. I wish you fun in your spiritual journey!

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