My name is Hazel and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I became a reiki master because I felt a calling to unleash the love I felt inside. Not just for people, but for animals and the world. Besides being a reiki master, I have always loved creating art. I can get lost in the act of creating art.  I do calligraphy, poetry, abstract art, and singing. I lose track of time and I’m in the zone when I create art or channel reiki. An idea came to me one day to combine these loves of mine and fuse them into one. So now my focus is on creating a space for others to feel safe, healed and nurtured through my reiki inspired art and treatments.

Why call the business Lynx Reiki?

I have been drawn to the Canadian Lynx for as long as I can remember. They are beautiful, aloof animals in the wild. When I look at a picture of the lynx I see such depth and wisdom in their eyes. The qualities associated with the lynx is the power of discernment, intuition, patience, loyalty, understanding and the ability to see through the hidden parts of our inner selves. The lynx encourages us to be flexible in our lives by breaking out of our routines. I love what the lynx represents and I aspire to be an example of all these positive qualities.


I achieved master level in Reiki Tummo in March of 2008. Ever since then I have been practising reiki on people as well as animals (cats, rabbits, horses, dogs). I consider reiki to be an essential skill in my tool belt for life. I continue my studies in Reiki by attending spiritual retreats occasionally.

In 2016 I completed Module 1 and 2 of the the Foundations classes for Eden Energy Medicine (EEM). EEM integrates several health practices from acupressure, yoga and qi gong.  It is complimentary to conventional Western medical care. I used it to help my body heal quicker after I had gall bladder removal surgery in July 2016.

In 2018 & 2019 I completed some self-development courses from Landmark Worldwide. I have completed the Forum, the Advanced Course and the Self-Expression Leadership Program. I’ve also completed the Breakthroughs seminar, the Communication – Access to Power course and done some volunteer work in the office and for one of the courses. In June 2019 I will be doing the Communication – Power to Create course. I have found Landmark very beneficial for my self-development.

If you have any questions about my learning experiences please email me at lynxreikihealing@gmail.com.

Header image: Spiral of Life by Hazel P.