Based in Toronto, Canada

Lynx Reiki is focused on creating a space for people and animals to feel safe, healed and nurtured.

My name is Hazel and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I became a reiki master for many reasons. I felt that reiki would be useful to have as a self-care tool. I also believed it would benefit a my family, friends and their animals. It was something I learned on my spiritual journey. I didn’t think of it as a possible business until recently.
Aug 2021-1

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Reiki Treatments

Reiki can be sent two ways: in person or from a distance.​

Animal Reiki

Distance reiki is suitable for domestic pets, professionally bred animals, and farm animals

Spiritually Inspired Art

For me abstract art is all about creating a mood, a feeling, and enjoying playing with textures, light and colour.

Space Clearing

Did you know that your space, your house or room can retain energies from the past?


Do you love candlelight and scents? ​You can choose a bundle or have a candle customized for you!


I have done proofreading for students writing essays and the author of the novel Win the Day, John Cunningham.


It is my mission to bring to you a unique piece of art that brings joy and happiness to your life. My custom art will commemorate the most important milestones in your life such as: marriage, graduation, birthdays, memorials, anniversaries, or just because you want to express your feelings to someone.

Client Success Stories

Hazel’s virtual reiki sessions have helped me and my friends to improve our energies and outlooks. Whether it be relieving stress from our lives, being more creative, empathetic to our partners, or providing insight and the path to the future, knowing that the energy is flowing through us has made a big difference in our lives.
John C
The virtual nature walk is a brilliant idea specially at the current time, for seniors and persons with mobility Issues. From my chair at home, I was transported into this beautiful green space. The camera moved at such a relaxed pace that I felt I was actually walking on the trail. The sound of flowing water and chirping birds made the experience even more authentic. It was a wonderful feeling. Thank you! Hope you can do more such virtual walks on other trails/parks in the city. Thanks again.
Gulshan V
Virtual Nature Walk