Reiki Treatments

Reiki can be sent two ways: in person or from a distance.

Both animals and people can benefit from reiki treatment. Reiki helps to remove any energy blockages or stagnation in the body which in turn helps your body to heal itself naturally.
Common reactions to reiki:
  • A feeling of deep relaxation or lightening in mood
  • Falling asleep
  • Feeling very hot or warm
  • For animals that need to detox, they may feel the urge to eliminate. Give them plenty of water afterwards and ensure they have a quiet and cozy place to recharge.

Distance Reiki For You or Your Animal – Over zoom

Distance reiki treatments are done without the client being in the same physical space as the practitioner. Distance reiki is suitable for domestic pets, professionally bred animals, and farm animals. How do you know if distance reiki is for you? If you do not live in Toronto, Canada, have a busy schedule, or your animal cannot or doesn’t like to travel, distance reiki can be a wonderful option for you or your animal.

For people and animals, I recommend a time when you will be resting or not doing anything active, for example: just before a nap or bedtime. Many people find that when they receive reiki they get so relaxed they feel like falling asleep. Animals often react the same way but it can depend on the animal. Please take note of your animal’s behaviour during the distance reiki treatment. You may be able to notice if the treatment is working for your animal and can provide some valuable feedback to me for future sessions.

Distance reiki appointments have flexible hours and days.


Space Clearing

Did you know that your space, your house or room can retain energies from the past?

Have you moved into a different home and though it’s perfectly clean the energy feels stagnant? Space clearing can help move stagnant energies out of the space you want cleared. I use a singing bowl and reiki energy to clear the space. If you like smudge or incense I can also use that.

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Spiritually Inspired Art

For me abstract art is all about creating a mood, a feeling...

For me, abstract art is all about creating a mood and enjoying playing with textures, light, and colour. When I create a piece of art that’s what I start with. What it turns out to be, grows organically like a plant as I work. The end result is something more magical than what I originally came up with. I hope you experience this sense of magic when you look at my paintings. Some items in this gallery have been sold or were created as gifts and are not available for sale on Etsy.


Do you love candlelight and scents?

My hand-poured scented candles are available in a variety of scents and sizes. You can choose a bundle or have a candle customized for you! Candles will be available on Etsy soon.


With a BA in English I am also a poet and avid reader

I was also formerly a blogger focusing on eco-friendly products. Click here to read Elegantly Eco. I have done proofreading for students writing essays and the author of the novel Win the Day, John Cunningham. Do you need someone to help you edit your writing? I would love to work with you to give your writing the clarity and impact you want it to have.